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Zornitza Family Estate, Fam Trip, Dec 2021

It is unusual to see snow at Zornitza Family Estate in Bulgaria, even though it is only one hour from Bansk ski resorts. However, our fam trip with UK agents and operators had unprecedented snowfall, making the estate even more beautiful and Christmasy than ever! Wine tasting with homemade cheese, a visit to a monastery, fine dining tasting menus, a visit to a local restaurant with local Bulgarian food and Melnik as well as spa treatments, and time in the thermal pools with views over the snow-capped mountains with wonderful red wine in hand. What a wonderful pre-Christmas treat!

Thank you so much to the agents and operators who joined us: Constance Manceau of Olivers Travels, Sheryl Makin of Luxury Travel Boutique, Ami Donohue of Ventur Luxury Travel, Sophie Green of Bluebird Travel, Gillian Luxon of D&G Travel, Afshin Sajedi and Sarah Jalali of Holiday Luxury and Kim Wallis of Not Just Travel- with Fiona Miller.

Van Isacker Exclusive proudly represents Zornitza Family Estate in Bulgaria. Van Isacker Exclusive is a luxury hotel sales representation company based in the UK.


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