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Dominica Flight News: New Interline Agreements For Easy Travel From The UK To Dominica

We are delighted to share with you the news that British Airways have an interline agreement with interCaribbean and have implemented a through baggage check in from the UK to Dominica and back and that Virgin Atlantic also have an interline agreement with Caribbean Airlines.

Now, the customer starting in London or starting in Dominica will be checked in to their final destination. This covers their baggage and boarding cards that will be given at check in, so the resulting in transit journey will be limited to the in and out experience in Barbados.

Dominica has never been easier to travel to! Either fly straight to Dominica via Barbados, or enjoy a twin centre break alongside Antigua, Saint Lucia, Miami or Barbados.

Flight Connections to Dominica

British Airways

The best connections from the UK to Dominica are with British Airways via Barbados on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday: Change planes at Barbados Airport with only a 2 hour 5 minute connection time.

Return from Dominica to the UK with British Airways, with the best connections, 3 hours 10 minutes, on Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

For the connections between Barbados and Dominica, British Airways have an interline agreement with interCaribbean.

interCaribbean has also recently joined the UK BSP meaning individual JY bookings can also be ticketed through your preferred GDS.

interCaribbean's UK representative is Linzi Barber <> and David Parker <>of Airline Pros ( / 1-201-484-8036)

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic and Caribbean Airlines also have an interline agreement that allows for through baggage in Barbados as well as the true in transit experience.

On Saturdays the flight will be from London - Dominica via Barbados and the return journey will be on Thursdays.

American Airlines

Fly via Miami with American Airlines to Dominica; an ideal twin centre holiday with an overnight - or several nights- exploring Miami.

Twin Centre Options

Dominica is the Caribbean’s Nature Island, known for adventure, wildlife and natural wonders. As such, Dominica provides an ideal twin centre destination with other, more traditional Caribbean beach destinations such as Barbados, Antigua, and Saint Lucia.

Van Isacker Exclusive proudly represents Cap Maison Saint Lucia. Cap Maison is a luxury hotel & resort sales representative based in the UK.


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