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Sustainability at Calabash Grenada

Sustainability and environmental concerns are hot topics throughout all industries. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing what each of the hotels in our collection are doing to help protect our environment.

Calabash Grenada, a beautiful Relais et Chateaux property has 180 solar panels in their solar farm which add to the hotel’s electricity supply and heats the water.

Rainfall is harvested and treated on site so that it is safe and drinkable.

Calabash are committed to bringing the island to your plate. Collaborations have been made with local organic, sustainable farmers, fishermen (supplying line caught fish only) and suppliers as well as their own estate, L’Estrerre, to ensure the best quality produce and to give back to the local community- which also results in minimal food milage.

There are also sustainable methods used for mosquito control, by simply removing standing water in which they breed and the staff is fogged weekly with an eco-friendly repellent of thyme, eucalyptus and mineral oil.

Van Isacker Exclusive proudly represent Calabash Grenada. Van Isacker Exclusive is a luxury hotel and resort representation company based in the UK, covering the UK and Europe markets.


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