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Zornitza Family Estate Fam Trip

Another exciting fam trip is underway at Zornitza Family Estate, Relais & Chateaux in Bulgaria with our Belgiun partners. The sun is out and the wine is flowing! Thanks so much for joining us: Terres du Monde Michel Jean Christoph, Heidi Vermeiren from Travel Zone, Veltjen Arlette from Travel Counsellors, Tanguy Waerenbrugh from Travel Experts, Sandy Koppen from Travel Counsellors, Erwin Gherkiere from Travel Experts, Nathalie Robinet from Mapamundo.

Van Isacker Exclusive proudly represent Zornitza Family Estate, Relais & Chateaux in Bulgaria. Van Isacker Exclusive is a luxury hotel and resort sales and marketing representation company based in the UK.


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