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Eden Roc Cap Cana's Culinary Event Series

Eden Roc Cap Cana’s Culinary Event series elevates the dining experience with the best chef’s of the era and emerging culinary flavours from all corners of the world.

Eden Roc Cap Cana will collaborate with Zaranda, a Two Michelin Stars restaurant in Mallorca, Spain. Headlined by award winning executive Chef Fernando Arellano, showcasing creative cooking and classic Mediterranean recipes in the Caribbean.

The menu combines Chef's Arellano innovative dishes with our Chef's Director Adriano Venturini’s local Caribbean flair.

Our Signature Restaurant La Palapa will be showcasing the event from March 3rd to March 6th, finalising the series with a special menu and wine pairing at Blue Restaurant.

March 3rd to March 5th:

Zaranda Signature Dishes: Fernando Arellano will make his signature dishes from Zaranda Restaurant, integrating them into our menu as specials every day until Saturday at La Palapa Restaurant.

March 5th:

Zaranda & Blue Restaurant: A special Gastronomic signature menu. Adriano Venturini, our Chef at Eden Roc, will join Chef Fernando Arellano for a memorable dining experience at Blue.

March 6th:

Eden Roc continues with Zaranda Signature Dishes: Adriano and his team will extend Fernando’s master mind creations in our menus one more day at La Palapa

Van Isacker Exclusive proudly represents Eden Roc Cap Cana, Dominican Republic. Van Isacker Exclusive is a luxury hotel sales representation company based in the UK.


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