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Flamingo Frenzy: A Conservation Triumph Unfolds on Guana Island!

🌺 While flamingos have been a presence on Guana Island for quite some time, it's quite remarkable to now have 60 of them gathered at the salt pond. This influx marks a significant event in conservation efforts. Once extinct in the BVI, these majestic birds thrive again, thanks to collaborative efforts led by Dr. & Mrs. Jarecki and Dr. James Lazell. Since their reintroduction in 1992, flamingos grace the BVI, offering a unique sight for your clients. Keep them updated and encourage visits to Guana Island to witness these beautiful creatures firsthand! 🌺

Van Isacker Exclusive, headquartered in the UK, is a renowned company specialising in luxury hotel and resort sales and marketing representation. Renowned for their expertise, they promote and enhance the brands of exceptional properties not only in the Caribbean and Europe, but also in the Indian Ocean and Worldwide.


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