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Grenada Library Project

Leo Garbutt, founder and owner of Calabash, talks to us about a project very close to his heart and one he is proud to support.

"I am very fortunate to be one of the two local trustees of GSI (Grenada School Inc) and we work closely with our amazing donors and the GSI team in Grenada. We also liaise with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, school Principals, teachers, local authors and illustrators. To date, GSI has built 25 libraries and our objective is to have a GSI library in each of the 48 primary schools in Grenada. We believe that when young children learn to read, they read to lean for the rest of their lives, so we are supplying a marvellous gift. We have an ambition that in time Grenada will be the most literate country in the Caribbean and certainly we believe that we are on track. Our project offers a complete package for primary schools in that we build the library, supply all of the furniture and books and teach the teachers how to use “The Spice Reader” a book which was written by the GSI team with local characters and illustrations to grab the young children’s attention and every 1st-grade child in Grenada have their own copy. To further this attention-grabbing, GSI has also paid local authors and illustrators for 13 storybooks which have been published for young children.

It is truly a marvellous project and so many of our youngsters in Grenada have the opportunity to excel at school and to get the best out of their lives and we are seeing this happen."

Van Isacker Exclusive, Luxury Hotel and Resort Representation in UK and Europe, proudly represents Calabash Grenada, a luxury resort in the Caribbean.


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