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Grenada's Top 5 Bucket List Adventures

Experience Grenada's top 5 bucket list adventures whilst staying at Calabash, Grenada....

1. Escape to the island's lush interior which hosts an array of unique and exciting experiences including volcanic crater lakes, mona monkeys, rare rainbow eucalyptus trees, traditional rum distilleries and much more.

2. Ride the scenic trails. A truly unique way to explore Grenada with SunHunters ATV Tours

3. A private sailing experience with Savvy Sailing; a traditionally built Carriacou Sloop.

4. See one of the world's only Underwater Sculpture Parks with our onsite dive & water sports Centre, ScubaTech.

5. For a truly unforgettable evening, book a private dinner right on Calabash's beach

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Van Isacker Exclusive proudly represents luxury hotels in the UK & European market including Calabash, Grenada.


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