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July Newsletter 2022 - Sustainability At Our Hotels

Dear Travel Partners,

Our hotel collection feature some of the world’s very best and most luxurious hotel’s, therefore a significant investment is made to be as green, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Our hotels feature a wide variety of sustainability methods and projects from The Old Road Fund at Curtain Bluff to 180 solar panels at Calabash's solar farm. Sustainability is now more important than ever and it is vital to preserve the beautiful surroundings in which our hotels nestle, both in the countryside and on the shoreline, so that they will forever be incredible destinations to both live in and visit.


Newsletter Highlights

1. Montenegro: Regent Porto Montenegro's Senior PR & Marketing Manager Elena Ljijanic notes how the hotel persists with reducing their carbon footprint

2. Barbados: Eco-friendly uniform for Sandy Lane's water sports team is the latest development in sustainability at the hotel

3. Antigua: Curtain Bluff's involvement with the community and founding of The Old Road Fund

4. Dominica: Secret Bay's environmental policy and commitment to preserving the surroundings

5. Dominican Republic: Banning plastic straw use and recycling - Eden Roc Cap Cana is passionate about sustainability and reducing carbon emissions

6. Grenada: Calabash features 180 solar panels in their solar farm and harvest the rainfall to support the environment

7. Bulgaria: Zornitza's eco-farm delights guests tastebuds with their freshly home-grown produce

8. Greece: Avaton continues working to improve their environmental and social sustainability performance

9. St. Lucia: With their own sewerage treatment plant to recirculate grey water, Cap Maison is intent on preserving their tropical gardens


Regent Porto Montenegro, Montenegro

Regent Porto Montenegro successfully managed to reduce its carbon footprint by 30% between 2019 and 2021 and was the main sponsor of the green edition of the International Fashion Festival in 2021. The festival focuses on sustainable fashion and will feature eminent haute couture designers Aleksandra Džaković and Ronald van der Kemp.

On its eighth anniversary in Montenegro, Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro is weaving the green flag of its story, and we are honoured to share the information that we have significantly reduced the carbon footprint in the past two years by as much as 30%. We owe this success to the already installed smart systems of the hotel and the rational use of resources, which significantly managed to reduce our impact on the environment without compromising the quality of our services.", said Elena Ljiljanic, Regent's Senior PR & Marketing Manager.

Elena added: “The quality of the products and services of each destination considered by experienced travellers at the moment is just as important as the responsibility of the subjects of the destination to improve their business and activities with the aim of minimizing the impact on the environment. Low-impact travel, subjects that have been proven to have a small carbon footprint and cultivate a responsible attitude towards the social and natural being of the environment in which they operate, is already a version of the luxury they strive for.”


Sandy Lane, Barbados Barbados is a magical place with rich turquoise oceans, golden sand and exotic plants. Now, more than ever, it is important to conserve the surroundings and maintain the natural beauty. Sandy Lane sits on 1,000 feet of coral-sand beach, located on the western coast, which boarders the serene Caribbean Sea. The hotel is proud of its beautiful location, and conserving the environment on which they reside is imperative to them.

Famous for their breath-taking award-winning golf courses, Sandy Lane strives to incorporate several eco-friendly projects such as beekeeping and planting fruit trees to sustain the lush surroundings of the resort.

Sandy Lane designed their architecture around the conservation of the ancient mahogany trees across the property. When the hotel was rebuilt and consequently expanded in 1998, the demolition of the previous building ensured to leave the beautiful trees still standing proud, many of which hundreds of years old.

Consistently working to support the natural surroundings in which it resides, the hotel is now proud to illustrate another way in which it protects the environment;

introducing the all new sustainable clothing brand for their water sports team!

Their eco-friendly uniform by OceanЯ® is created using recycled plastic, from plastic bottles recovered from the oceans – which are then spun into high quality material, ideal for the aqua athletes. So far, 2,481 plastic bottles (and counting!) have been prevented from entering the delicate ecosystem, and Sandy Lane are committed to maintaining and enhancing all things sustainable


Curtain Bluff, Antigua

Curtain Bluff is committed to the conservation of beautiful Antigua and addresses sustainability with practical methods and ideas. The hotel became Green Globe certified in 2008, meaning they are nationally recognised for their commitment to sustainability and environment protection recognition.

Involved in community development and educational efforts in the Old Road Village, Curtain Bluff aims to give back to the community and surrounding areas. The hotel continues to address their environmental and social performance through commitment to legislative framework and environmental performance within the property.

The Old Road Fund, is a 501c-3 non-profit foundation supported by Curtain Bluff and its generous guests. The hotel is committed to ensuring their staff are primarily from Old Road and other communities within Antigua therefore showing consisting support to the community.

Some other forms of support and recognising of the environment are tracking their carbon emissions and reducing their carbon footprint in light of the global challenges faced within climate change. Careful purchasing and utilisation of biodegradable products and chemicals that are environmentally friendly is another consistent method of protecting the delicate environment of Antigua. The hotel also focuses on ensuring that the product selection provided by the local and regional suppliers meets their standards with regards to environment and quality as well as implying equipment that provides enhanced environmental performance whilst providing excelling facilities for guests.


Secret Bay, Dominica

Secret Bay is well known for its fresh stocked gourmet kitchens, luxurious residential-villas and beautiful location. However, their environmental policy boasts their commitment to management of sustainability. Their use of bio-made products, sustainability crafted villas and locally sourced food keep up the protection of the environment and acknowledgment of an eco-friendly approach. The Clifftop villas are constructed without heavy machinery, cited to avoid clearing of mature trees and built from sustainability-sourcedGuyanese hardwood, outfitted with locally crafted furniture composed of Red Cedar. Secret Bay has a wide array of methods to preserve and sustain their delicate surroundings and environment. Over the years, theresort has conducted many environmental impact assessments to better acknowledge their effect on the environment. By recognising key components directly related to their ongoing eco operation, the resort devised a thorough environmental policy consisting of rules and promises related to sustainability. A few of their methods include:

  • Implementation of standard operating procedures to ensure day-to-day activities coincide with the resort’s environmental goals

  • Responsible use of energy through monitoring and analysis, modern energy saving equipment and use of renewable energy where possible

  • Implementation of waste management programs that include reducing, recycling and composting, proper disposal of waste material, waste water and hazardous materials

  • Use of biodegradable cleaning products

  • Implementation of water conservation strategies to reduce waste and encourage reuse

  • Operating on a zero-plastic basis Their purchasing policy also boasts commitment to economic development of the community. Some key points the hotel follows include :

  • Zero-tolerance for use of plastic and Styrofoam packaging material

  • Use of environmentally friendly supplies in every area of the operation

  • Preference for “Fair Trade” certified goods

  • Purchasing in bulk where possible

  • Use of reusable packaging supplies


Eden Roc Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

Eden Roc Cap Cana is a five-star resort that has committed itself to protect the environment.

The luxury resort pursued reducing its carbon footprint and maintaining champion eco-friendly initiatives with recent activities such as a ban on plastic straws across all of their six restaurants and bars, as well as substituting plastic bottles for glass.

Located in a gated community, the hotel switched to using electric golf buggies assigned to each suite to reduce carbon emissions.

Working closely with governmental sustainable companies to ensure consistent recycling and reusing is another reason Eden Roc Cap Cana can pride themselves on their approach to sustainability. They reuse the oil from the resort and transform it into soap and fuel and ensure plastic, cardboard and glass can be reused as opposed to exposed to the environment

Latest Eden Roc Cap Cana 2023 Offer

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Calabash, Grenada

Calabash Grenada, a beautiful Relais et Chateaux property has 180 solar panels in their solar farm which add to the hotel’s electricity supply and heats the water. Rainfall is harvested and treated on site so that it is safe and drinkable. Calabash are committed to bringing the island to your plate. Collaborations have been made with local organic, sustainable farmers, fishermen (supplying line caught fish only) and suppliers as well as their own estate, L’Estrerre, to ensure the best quality produce and to give back to the local community- which also results in minimal food milage. There are also sustainable methods used for mosquito control, by simply removing standing water in which they breed and the hotel is fogged weekly with a natural, eco-friendly repellent of thyme, eucalyptus and mineral oil.


Zornitza Family Estate, Bulgaria

Zornitxa Family Estate, Relais & Chateaux is part of Select Green Hotels which is a popular booking portal and community of handpicked sustainable hotels in Europe.

Located in the valley of the Struma River, 5km from Melnik and surrounded by beautiful vineyards and hilly landscapes, Zornitza prides themselves on focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly approaches to preserve the lush nature and delicate surroundings.

In just three to four years, Zornitza Family Estate, Relais & Chateaux has planted more than 250 stone pines infected with Bianchetto truffle and 250 evergreen oaks with black burgundy trundle, all on their eco farm. these truffles will eventually find their way into the chef's dishes to delight guests tastebuds with homegrown, naturally infused flavour, significantly reducing food miles. The eco-farm also focuses on growing beautifully ripe fruit and vegetables, home made jams, cheeses and pickled veggies.


Avaton Luxury Hotel & Villas, Greece

In the middle of an area protected by NATURA 2000, Avaton Luxury Hotel & Villas is a haven blessed with outstanding natural beauty.

The hotel is located at the spot where the crystal blue waters of the Aegean, the golden beach of Komitsa Bay and the green pine forest of Halkidiki meet, under the shadow of Holy Mount Athos, a UNESCO World Heritage Monument.

The team are continuously working to improve their environmental and social sustainability performance in areas such as energy efficiency, recycling, waste minimisation, sustainable procurement and local community support and development.

Within such a rich natural environment, guests can participate in various initiatives throughout their stay, ranging from in-room recycling,cruise with a private sailing boat,enjoy trekking in the mountain, try scuba diving or canoe-kayak, SUP and many other sports related to nature. The hotel has been awarded the Green Key Award which is one of the biggest international eco-labels for hotels. This certifies their continuous efforts to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and makes them one of the few eco-friendly hotels in Greece.


Cap Maison, St. Lucia

Cap Maison is situated amongst the beautiful surroundings of St. Lucia and continues to strive to reduce their trace on the planet. The hotel composed a list of methods to measure their sustainability and continue to erase their carbon footprint.

Cap Maison has their own sewerage treatment plant where they recirculate the grey water as irrigation into their tropical gardens for guests to admire and indulge in. Their air conditioning system has been recently upgraded to draw less power and be controlled centrally to ensure rooms and suites that are not in use, are not needlessly using power and electricity. This is one of the many methods the hotel has abided by in order to ensure eco-friendly matters.

Working with local suppliers provides the resort with island ingredients in all their carefully prepared dishes as well as Caribbean coffee. With regards to recycling of materials, the hotel works with Antigua based company Neem Avenue to create their bathroom amenities from already recycled plastic. Also offering guests refillable glass bottles for drinking, Cap Maison has a plentiful supply of natural rainforest spring water meaning they do not have to depend on foreign bottled water. The rain water also aids in house laundry, for fresh towels and sheets to ensure guests optimum comfort during their stay.


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