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New Client Announcement: Spain Collection DMC; Luxury Destination Management Company

We are delighted to announce that Van Isacker Exclusive are partnering with luxury DMC Spain Collection from 1st September 2022.

If you are looking to work with a luxury destination management company in Spain and/or Portugal with an emphasis on experiences, please drop us an email:


Who are Spain Collection?

Abene Mendizabal is the CEO and founder of Spain Collection. Despite the DMC having been founded over 24 years ago, it was during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic that Abene envisioned a promising future for travel. Witnessing how severely impacted the travel industry became due to this, Abene knew that someone had to lead the change in the crisis and she decided to be that someone. Spain Collection's goal is to provide a new method in which there is space to rediscover, reconnect and redefine relationships. Abene believes in human to human connection and emotional intelligence to create experiences for travellers who share the same philosophy.

What can Spain Collection do for you?

Spain Collection is your expert partner for deluxe, bespoke travel experiences in Spain and Portugal.

They have selected outstanding destinations and hand-picked experiences to make each and every trip unforgettable.

With offices in Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Seville, Spain Collection is steadily growing and embracing their ambitions to connect travellers with sought out experiences


Key Destinations Spain Collection has carefully selected outstanding destinations that include beautiful surroundings, delectable food and drink, fascinating culture and a wide array of exciting activities.

Barcelona This great Mediterranean metropolis is modernism, and it is the sea; it is a Phoenician port and it is the 1992 Olympic Games. It is layer upon layer of historic and cultural events that make it impossible to define and sum up this city in few words.


Madrid; the heart of Spain. Its vast history, aristocratic character, cultural diversity and cosmopolitan soul permeate the psyche of the “Madrileños” on the streets and squares in a city that does not sleep. “From Madrid to heaven”, or what amounts to the same thing, the best sunsets in the world.

Belearic & Canary Islands

Mallorca, Tenerife, Ibiza, Lanzarote, Menorca … it’s impossible to sum up the islands in a couple of sentences when they are all so unique in their own right. Yes, you’ll find crystal clear waters and sandy beaches but they’re so much more than that. Each has the capacity to take your breath away and steal your heart!


Andalusia is passion personified. Often portrayed as encapsulating the essence and spirit of Spain with its sun-dappled white villages and fiesta-loving people. Lose yourself in the buzz of a tapas bar or in the swirling depths of a flamenco performance.

Euskadi & Northern Spain

Whether you’re looking for the most amazing food, breath-taking scenery or ground-breaking architecture, northern Spain shatters any stereotype of the country.


Portugal is the epitome of Atlantic and European culture altogether. Open to trade and commerce for ages but also with some of the oldest cities in the world like Lisbon, touted to be 2700 years old. The Portuguese are immensely proud of their heritage and their country and they have many reasons to be, so what are you waiting for?


Curated Experiences With hand-picked experiences to make your trip unforgettable, Spain Collection provides opportunities to explore unique activities, cuisine, culture and wellness.

Food & Wine Be it traditional local classics such as paella or something more avant-garde under the watchful eye of Michelin-starred chefs, you’ve come to the right place for both. Spain and Portugal have become top world destinations for gourmands and non foodies alike.

Nature Spain and Portugal offer an unrivalled array of natural landscapes, from breathtaking National Parks to secluded beaches with pristine waters that you can only access by boat. A world class paradise for birdwatching and a unique starlight destination.

Religious Heritage Spain is second most visited country after Israel for religion. The Knights Templar, the Jesuits, Islam, the Sephardic legacy, the history of the Moors, none of these can be studied or better understood without setting foot in Spain or Portugal.

Culture Spain and Portugal combined have more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other place in the world. Iberia’s heritage is both fascinating and astounding. Come and see for yourself the architecture, literature, visual and performing arts.

Body & Soul

The Romans introduced us to the benefits of thermal baths back in the 1st century, and with them the need to incorporate a sense of wellness into our lives which we can all relate to especially with the hectic pace of life today.


Authenticity has its roots deeply embedded in tradition. Both Spain and Portugal are two countries where knowledge, conventional wisdom and craftmanship are still passed on, from generation to generation, with pride.

Fashion & Shopping

Spain is all about passion and colour, a cosmopolitan hub that translates into an exciting melting pot of styles that effortlessly intertwines traditional fun and fresh-faced innovation. A shoppers’ paradise for crafts, leather, embroidery and designer brands.

Sports Do you enjoy sports from an armchair or do you prefer to be out in the thick of it? Whether you love football, golf, F1, tennis or just want to get the family together and learn how to kite surf in Cadiz, you’ll find that passion for sport is definitely something else for the Spanish and Portuguese.


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