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Saint Lucia ends quarantine for unvaccinated travellers.

Saint Lucia has updated its travel protocols for the destination as follows:

● Unvaccinated visitors/arrivals no longer need to quarantine or stay at a COVID- certified property.

● Unvaccinated visitors aged five years or older require a negative standard PCR Covid-test result (taken five days prior to travel) to enter Saint Lucia.

● Once in Saint Lucia, unvaccinated visitors are free to explore and take part in all tours and excursions.

It was confirmed earlier this year that fully vaccinated travellers are not required to take a pre-travel COVID-19 test or quarantine. Vaccinated travellers must provide a valid vaccination record as requested on check-in, boarding, and entry to Saint Lucia. To qualify as fully vaccinated, travellers must have had the last dose of a two-dose COVID- 19 vaccine or a one-dose vaccine at least two weeks (14 days) before travel.

More than 90 percent of arriving visitors to Saint Lucia are fully vaccinated.

For unvaccinated travellers, an unsupervised self-swab antigen or PCR test is not accepted.

Passengers arriving without tests or with the wrong type of test will be retested on arrival at their own cost and will be required to remain in quarantine until the test result is known.

For more information about Saint Lucia's COVID-19 response, all protocols, and details of entry requirements, please visit

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