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Curtain Bluff Anniversary Cocktail

During February, Curtain Bluff will be celebrating its 60th anniversary season in style with a unique cocktail recipe. It is crafted from the fruit of the Curtain Bluff tamarind tree, which has been on the property since the hotel opened and is a central feature in the hotel courtyard and after which the restaurant is named.

Curtain Bluff Tamarind Blush

1.5 oz Cavalier Antiguan dark rum

1.5 oz Coconut rum

1.5 oz Curtain Bluff sour tamarind syrup

2 oz Antiguan Black pineapple juice

Combine all ingredients and shake over ice.

Serve in a Poco Grande glass and garnish with a pineapple slice/tamarind ball skewer.

Van Isacker Exclusive proudly represents Curtain Bluff in Antigua. Van Isacker Exclusive is a luxury hotel sales and marketing representation company based in the UK.


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